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4x4 Truck Advertising

What do you gain when showcasing your brand with 4x4 trucks?

On car advertising is a common means to introduce your brands to the masses on the road, but 4x4 truck advertising offers a larger eye-catching canvas to promote your brand.

But that’s just scratching the surface.

4x4 Truck Advertising To Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

Despite the broad range of out-of-home channels, 4x4 truck advertising plays a pivotal role in enhancing brand visibility. Using these trucks as mobile billboards, businesses can accomplish marketing milestones by connecting with a larger audience and leaving a lasting impact.

Advantages of 4x4 Truck

Unique Rugged Profile

For brands seeking to establish a bold and rugged identity, the form and dimensions of the 4x4 truck perfectly embody these characteristics.

Eye-Level Advertising

The greater height of 4x4 vehicles magnifies the advertisement’s impact as they are positioned at eye level to maximise visibility.

Bigger Canvas

The larger 4x4 vehicles allow for larger stickers. If your creatives encompass various visual elements and longer copies, 4x4 truck stickers can bring your ideas to life.


4x4 trucks with optimised advertising decals are highly visible stations for on-ground activation campaigns or roadshows.

Terrain Versatility

Unlike cars, vans and lorries, 4x4 trucks can venture into any location, regardless of terrain and road conditions. This versatility translates to greater impressions in hotspots to reach your target audiences.

Cost-Effective Solution

Did you know that vehicle advertising is 70% less expensive than running a campaign on outdoor billboards?

Imagine the possibility of reaching out to more potential customers without breaking the bank - except we’ll make it a reality for you.

Flexible Advertising Solution

Choose the flexibility of an extended or short burst 4x4 advertising campaign that meets your business goals. But there’s more:

Freedom to scale. This scalability empowers you to test the water with a smaller fleet of 4x4 trucks before scaling up the fleet to maximise impact.  With ads constantly moving on the road, you can eliminate ad fatigue inherent to billboards. There’s always a new audience to impress every time our 4x4 trucks with your ads turn a corner. Reduced production costs allow for more efficient spending.

Why Choose VOOH’s On 4x4 Truck Advertising Services?

Regardless of the size or status of your business - multinational corporation, B2B enterprise, B2C company or D2C brand, all businesses can capture the following returns from our 4x4 truck advertising service:
Cost-Effective Solution

Promote your brand effectively with 4x4 truck advertising. Minimise your investment while maximising returns. Reach a wide audience and increase your brand's visibility without breaking the bank.

Improved Brand Recognition

Make your brand stand out among potential customers with 4x4 truck advertising. Outshine your competitors and leave a lasting impression with this rugged vehicle.

Customised Ad Campaigns

Create powerful advertising campaigns with our 4x4 trucks that match your brand's message, resulting in greater impact and audience engagement. Craft advertisements that resonate with your target audience, showcasing the unique features and benefits of your brand in a compelling way. By strategically placing tailored ads, you'll secure maximum visibility and effectiveness, driving more interest and excitement around your brand.

Targeted Audience Reach

Reaching your ideal customers through 4x4 truck advertising can be accomplished by either a broadly targeted or a highly focused targeted campaign. In a broadly targeted campaign, a client deploys a truck fleet that traverses a single city or multiple cities across Malaysia, exposing the ads to a wide audience. A targeted campaign takes a more refined approach. A convoy of trucks scheduled to travel specific routes and times focuses on a group of specific locations. This method ensures your message reaches the most relevant audience, enhancing engagement and potential conversions. To further optimise impact, strategic on-ground activation campaigns at malls and other public areas can be incorporated with the assistance of dedicated promoters.

Types of
4x4 Truck Advertising

Vehicle wrap or stickers for your ads on a 4x4 truck? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question.
One thing is for sure - we can make either of them happen for you based on your marketing goals.

4x4 Truck Sticker Advertising
Stickers are the most basic form of vehicle advertising. Still, when done right, you can maximise returns at a four to five times more affordable fee than its wrapping counterpart. Besides both sides of the doors, the sticker also belongs to the boot of the truck. Saved production costs can be channelled into scaling the size of our 4x4 truck fleet to augment brand recall.
Partial 4x4 Truck Wrap Advertising
The partial truck wrap strategically covers specific areas of the truck, maintaining an eye-catching appearance without breaking your budget. This option lets you focus on key messaging and design elements to create a powerful impact.
Full 4x4 Truck Wrap Advertising
Leave nothing to chance. Deliver a lasting impression from all angles with a full truck wrap. This advertising format is perfect to convert our 4x4 trucks into your on-the-road brand ambassador.  The all-encompassing coverage maximises exposure and vividly displays your brand message to a broad audience.

Let us make your Brand Memorable

How Does Our 4x4 Truck
Advertising Work?

At VOOH, we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the bigger picture. Our process is designed to deliver maximum results for your brand. We follow a systematic approach to ensure that your advertising campaigns are executed flawlessly and achieve the desired objectives.


We will scope out your campaign goals, target area and campaign requirements.

Market Selection

Identify the geo-targeted area you would like to cover. You can select from single or multiple cities. Or go even granular and target specific areas in a city.

Vehicle Selection

Choose the type of vehicle, fleet size and campaign duration. Apart from cars, you can also choose to advertise on a motorbike, 4x4 pickup truck, van or lorry.


Whether you choose to design the artwork on your own or leverage our team of skilled and experienced designers we'll create designs optimised for conversion. Either way, our team will guide you through the design process with our industry best practices developed from testing hundreds of car ad designs.


For car wrap advertising campaigns we will conduct a test mockup on the car to check and make sure the final artwork is placed in the most visible areas.

Final Artwork

You will review and approve the final design before going into production.


While the final artwork (FA) is sent for production our ops team will begin work on assembling the fleet.

Driver Sourcing

We only use e-hailing drivers from platforms like Grab and AirAsia with high driver ratings. Drivers on these platforms have already undergone thorough background checks to maintain a professional service level. Our team conducts further background checks to get you the drivers with the highest mileage best driver rating.


The driver will be scheduled to install the printed artwork on their cars. During the installation, drivers will be briefed about the campaign and we will record necessary information such as visuals of the vehicle and mileage.


Gain valuable insights into your campaign's performance through detailed tracking and analytics, allowing you to optimise your advertising strategy for better results.


After your campaign is launched our team will conduct regular checks to make sure that the stickers or wraps are in good condition and the drivers are actively driving.


Clients will receive monthly reports on the performance and proof of delivery of their campaign. Not enough? You can also opt for live tracking and advanced reporting solutions to up your campaign analytics and tracking.


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