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VOOH Media provides car advertising as a media solutions. Turn vehicles into mobile billboards, captivating audiences everywhere.

We have learnt from the experience of running car advertising in Malaysia and throughout Southeast Asia. Our team has stickered over 10,000 vehicles and tested hundreds of car ad designs generating a knowledge of best practises to ensures that your campaign will achieve the maximum impact.

Choose VOOH to be your trusted partner in making customers remember your brand first among others.


  • Contribute to the economic growth of the nation by providing result driven outdoor advertising media solutions for SMEs and startups.

  • Redistribution of economy by boosting the earning capacity of gig economy drivers.


  • Support the growth of 100 SMEs.

  • Boost the economic development of gig economy drivers by unlocking the income potential of their vehicles through advertising.




The VOOH Media team started as part of the founding team that started Lalamove Malaysia. How did this lead to starting VOOH Media?

The DNA of Lalamove's marketing success in Malaysia and throughout other regions has been deeply rooted in running successful vehicle advertising. As such our team has been trained to handle everything from strategy, planning, execution and monitoring firsthand.

Witnessing the success Lalamove continues to achieve with this strategy the founding team set out to bring the benefits of car advertising to more brands. Hence, VOOH media was founded in 2022.


Rajiv Rai Singh

Co-founder & CEO



The former Head of Marketing at Lalamove Malaysia and Singapore. Rajiv has 20 years of experience leading marketing teams throughout Malaysia and Singapore.

Outside VOOH, Rajiv is an active contributor to the marketing community sharing his knowledge and insights as a speaker and a judge for marketing awards.

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