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Van Advertising

Van advertising is an excellent strategy to maximise brand exposure and reach a vast audience. This cost-effective method transforms a van into a mobile billboard, allowing you to showcase your products or services.

With the potential to attract attention on the move, van stickers enable businesses to expand their advertising reach and create lasting impressions.

Van Advertising to
Boost Brand Visibility

Van advertising is crucial in the vast landscape of out-of-home channels, providing a powerful tool to enhance your brand visibility. By transforming these vehicles into mobile billboards, companies can achieve significant marketing milestones, connecting with a wider audience and leaving a lasting impact.

Advantages of
Van Advertising

Wide Reach and Targeted Exposure

Take your advertising to the next level with targeted van advertising. Our fleet of mobile billboards allows you to target high-traffic areas where your potential customers hang out.

With this focused approach, you can maximise your marketing efforts and ensure that your message is seen by the right people at the right time.

High Visibility and Impact

Due to the large surface area and tall side profile of a van, sizable ads with bold logo and compelling messages are displayed at eye level. Van advertising is a reliable means to boost brand visibility and recall leaving a lasting impact on your target audience.

Cost-Effective Solution

Van advertising offers a highly cost-effective solution for businesses looking to maximise their advertising impact.

Compared to running campaigns on outdoor billboards, vehicle advertising costs 70% less.

Flexible Advertising Solution

Here are other proven ways to leverage van advertising for your marketing campaign:

  • The freedom to scale your campaign empowers you to test the waters with a smaller fleet of vans before expanding.
  • Imagine looking at the same billboard ads for weeks or months on your daily commute to work. That’s ad fatigue. Unlike billboards, ads on moving vans offer a dynamic impression brought on by new audiences along the van’s travelling route.
  • The affordable production costs of van advertising empower you to optimise advertising budgets.

Why Choose VOOH’s On Van Advertising Services?

Regardless of the size or status of your business - multinational corporation, B2B enterprise, B2C company or D2C brand, all businesses can capture the following returns from our 4x4 truck advertising service:
Targeted Audience Reach

Van advertising offers the unique ability to connect with your ideal customers by traversing high-traffic areas. Furthermore, vans are a primary choice for companies to deliver in bulk, making them a common sight in industrial and commercial areas.

This routine renders van advertising an excellent medium to target B2B audiences. Let us know your preferred location and timeline to turn impressions of our vans into actions.

Cost-Effective Solution

Generate the most impact for your marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional advertising methods.

Does your budget allow you the privilege of excess? Then, a full-wrap van advertising campaign is your best bet. If your budget is tight, you can still get the best value for your money with our van sticker advertising. Combined with our designs, fleet, targeting options and analytics, you can maximise every cent you invest with us.

Customised Ad Campaigns

Create captivating advertising campaigns with our vans that perfectly align with your brand's message, resulting in an extraordinary impact and unparalleled audience engagement.

Craft advertisements that exhilarate your target audience by showcasing the exceptional features and benefits of your brand. Through strategic ad placements, you will ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness, fuelling enthusiasm around your brand.

Enhanced Brand Recall

Van advertising offers a unique opportunity for your business to stand out from the crowd and promote top of mind awareness. This increased brand recall not only boosts brand awareness but also helps establish credibility and trust among potential customers.

Types of
Van Advertising

Choose from a variety of ad formats on vans.

Van Sticker Advertising
Van Back Profile

Operating on a tighter budget? You can still make every cent count with stickers. For a fraction of the vehicle wrapping cost, you can transfer the savings from the wrap to get more vans to increase brand awareness by four to five times.

There’s a reason ad stickers are installed on the side and rear of the van - it’s a part of the industry’s best practice that we adhere to achieving maximum cost-efficient results.

Partial Van Wrap Advertising
Car partial Back Profile
A partial van wrap is the perfect way to get an attractive look for your ads without breaking your budget. The strategic placement of the wraps allows you to focus on important messages and design elements to make a lasting impression.
Full Van Wrap Advertising
Van fullwrap back Profile
Maximise your brand exposure by employing every inch of the van’s body. A full wrap is an excellent choice to convert our vans into your on-the-road brand ambassadors.

Let us make your Brand Memorable

How Does Our Van
Advertising Work?

At VOOH, we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the bigger picture. Our process is designed to deliver maximum results for your brand. We follow a systematic approach to ensure that your advertising campaigns are executed flawlessly and achieve the desired objectives.


We will scope out your campaign goals, target area and campaign requirements.

Market Selection

Identify the geo-targeted area you would like to cover. You can select from single or multiple cities. Or go even granular and target specific areas in a city.

Vehicle Selection

Choose the type of vehicle, fleet size and campaign duration. Apart from cars, you can also choose to advertise on a motorbike, 4x4 pickup truck, van or lorry.


Whether you choose to design the artwork on your own or leverage our team of skilled and experienced designers we'll create designs optimised for conversion. Either way, our team will guide you through the design process with our industry best practices developed from testing hundreds of car ad designs.


For car wrap advertising campaigns we will conduct a test mockup on the car to check and make sure the final artwork is placed in the most visible areas.

Final Artwork

You will review and approve the final design before going into production.


While the final artwork (FA) is sent for production our ops team will begin work on assembling the fleet.

Driver Sourcing

We only use e-hailing drivers from platforms like Grab and AirAsia with high driver ratings. Drivers on these platforms have already undergone thorough background checks to maintain a professional service level. Our team conducts further background checks to get you the drivers with the highest mileage best driver rating.


The driver will be scheduled to install the printed artwork on their cars. During the installation, drivers will be briefed about the campaign and we will record necessary information such as visuals of the vehicle and mileage.


Gain valuable insights into your campaign's performance through detailed tracking and analytics, allowing you to optimise your advertising strategy for better results.


After your campaign is launched our team will conduct regular checks to make sure that the stickers or wraps are in good condition and the drivers are actively driving.


Clients will receive monthly reports on the performance and proof of delivery of their campaign. Not enough? You can also opt for live tracking and advanced reporting solutions to up your campaign analytics and tracking.


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