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Become the #1 Brand on Consumers' Minds with Car Advertising

64% of consumers recall ads seen on cars, outperforming other out-of-home media, 2019 Nielsen study.

And save up to 80% more on prime OOH media locations.

Car Wrap Malaysia Media Advertising

Be Everywhere at Once

We drive your message through the bustling streets of Klang Valley, making it impossible to ignore.

From busy highways to commercial and residential zones, we cover it all, making sure your message reaches the target audience wherever they may be.

Let us spread your brand

Unforgettable Impact

Car advertising is a proven powerhouse at brand recall.


64% of consumers recall seeing ads on cars a month later, Nielsen Outdoor advertising Study 2019.

High brand recall leads to increased Top of mind Awareness (TOMA).


Importance of Brand Recall and Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA)

Increased TOMA will etch your brand in the minds of customers. Create a lasting impression that influences their buying decisions.

  • Fosters trust and familiarity for your brand.
  • Provides a competitive edge in acquiring customers.
  • Leads to repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

Why VOOH Car Advertising?


Backed by Knowledge and Experience

Led by former Lalamove sticker marketing team with 6 years of experience in conducting vehicle ad campaigns.

Our team has learnt from the collective knowledge of running vehicle campaigns throughout Malaysia, Southeast Asia and China.

We are equipped with the necessary skills to provide excellent service and solutions for a variety of campaign objectives.

Peace of Mind

We handle everything from design, production, quality checks, and mileage monitoring, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

  • Over 6 years of experience
  • Installed more then 10,000 stickers
  • Tested hundreds of ad designs and developed design best practices

Case Study

Car sticker advertising case study

Lalamove Malaysia

Initial marketing efforts was focused purely on digital channels. However, this proved to be a challenge when trying to capture the mass market. 

After adding vehicle stickers, Lalamove started to notice a significant increase in it’s brand term awareness.

This propelled Lalamove to break through the competition and become the market leader it is today.


On Car Advertising in Action

These brands are already using the persuasive nature of car stickers to create high brand recall.

Wonda Coffee


AirAsia Rides
Cloud Joi

Cost Efficient

Creating a nationwide or even a city-wide OOH campaign is very costly. While a fleet of cars ads can already reach similar nationwide or city-wide exposure on a fraction of the cost.

Up to 80% more value compared to traditional out-of-home media while providing exposure at the same prime locations and quality traffic.

Stretch your marketing budget further while achieving maximum exposure and brand recall.


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Introducing VOOH Car Admob. We provide you with the best quality drivers and vehicles.

Over 10,000 high mileage drivers

Up to 8,500km guarantee / vehicle per month

4 vehicle types to choose from

Launch a campaign in 20 days

Vehicle types

Choose from a range of vehicle categories that perfectly complement your marketing strategy and brand.

Car Wrap Malaysia Media Advertising